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Colorado Office Update 22

From psychedelic swamp to historic renovation, rewarding work keeps coming

Over the past year, the Colorado team’s most complex project grew from one it was not even initially hired to do.

At Meow Wolf: Convergence Station in Denver, the interior specialty work was initially awarded to another company. As construction progressed, the Meow Wolf creative director brought in KHS&S to complete a substantial portion of the project. Having worked on Meow Wolf Las Vegas, KHS&S already had the specialty skills required. With an area of the project designed as a massive psychedelic swamp, KHS&S rockwork’s fluid shapes transform into vines to look alive through lighting and sound for the non-traditional art exhibit.

By the time the job wrapped up, the project involved 30,000 square feet of interior rockwork, 24,000 square feet of plaster and 71,960 square feet of rebar, requiring 36,000 working hours to complete.

“A core value of KHS&S is the relentless pursuit of solutions to challenges, and we take pride when we’re called into a project well underway to resolve complex issues,” said Kelley Huss, Senior Project Manager.

Over the years, the prestigious Cherry Hills Country Club was built in parcels. A $50M renovation will tie the buildings together as the club prepares for its centennial celebration. KHS&S is completing exterior framing and sheathing, interior framing and drywall for three structures. Featuring a multifaceted metal framing system with high pitch trusses and unique angles and headers, prefabricated kits are being shipped to the site for assembly and installation.

Taking the team into 2022 is One River North, an edgy 16-story residential tower in Denver. The bold architecture is a work of art with a canyon vertically tunneling through the building as green space to residents. To achieve this eye-catching architectural wonder, KHS&S will complete the exterior using a prefabricated metal wall system with the canyon constructed using a chip system of prefabricated 6 x 7 foot rebar and lath panels.

“The Cherry Hills and One River North projects are new KHS&S clients,” said Mark Wachendorf, Chief Estimator. “We continue to secure business due to our industry leadership around material and process innovation.”

Committed to the community, the team organized food and clothing drives this year at the Denver Rescue Mission serving the homeless in support of KHS&S’ Project Ampersand.