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KHS&S 2020 Safety Standout Award Winner – Human Element

Innovations in Safety Training Award: KHS&S Contractors

KHS&S Contractors

KHS&S is one of the nation’s largest specialty contractors, providing award-winning interior, exterior, and thematic finishes for commercial construction of all types. The company is the nation’s leading theme contractor, having completed more than six million square feet of thematic finishes, including the development of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge with Disney. KHS&S continues to grow through innovation, technology, and culture in order to deliver exceptional, safe projects to clients.

KHS&S has developed an exclusive, innovative, and industry-specific safety training system titled “Human Element,” which employs a unique use of icons to identify hazards. Each hazard is placed into a category, allowing the company to strategically tailor its training to a given risk activity. These hazards/icons help KHS&S take a visual approach to safety training and compliance, ultimately guiding it toward successfully mitigating risk with worker comprehension at top of mind.

In its application, KHS&S further emphasized the importance of training to their safety success:

“We invest up front through KHS&S trade-specific safety training and follow up to ensure retention of information. Further, we believe that continuous training is critical for the retention and advancement of our employees’ knowledge, so we incorporate employee interviews to check for understanding. Moreover, KHS&S has integrated lessons learned into each project prior to the start of work. We work to understand our opportunities from similar projects and/or our interactions with our general contracting partners and vendors/suppliers. These lessons are then converted into toolbox topics to push the information to the appropriate teams.”

The results of KHS&S’ Human Element system speak for themselves: The company had a 0.52 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) in 2019, one of the lowest in their industry.

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