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KHS&S has an award-winning portfolio that features some of the most time-sensitive, complex and highly detailed exterior projects in the industry.  Whether your project calls for specialty finishes, traditional metal stud framing and stucco or fast-tracked panel enclosure, we have the skill, experience and crews to perform the job efficiently and with exceptional quality. We are also one of the largest Dryvit installers in the country.

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With KHS&S on the scene, interior walls and ceilings take on a whole new dimension. One of the nation’s largest interior contractors, KHS&S works with the construction and architectural team to create an interior that captures your project’s style, function and budgetary needs.

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The knowledge and professionalism of your team helped this large and complicated project keep moving forward efficiently and with high degrees of quality. Your team was organized, prepared and highly capable in not only meeting the technical rigors of this long-duration project, but also in encouraging team coordination and communication.
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Theme Finishes

KHS&S is the nation’s most experienced theme contractor, completing more than 5.5 million square feet of thematic finishes. Representative projects include some of the nation’s most visible theme park attractions, casinos and retail/entertainment complexes, all recognized for quality and attention to detail.

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KHS&S can create and implement virtually any type of rockwork design including replicas of natural settings, whimsical fantasy environments, or historical reproductions. Our experienced team is the only one in the country backed by the services, expertise and resources of a national wall & ceiling / theme contractor. By providing all aspects of specialty construction within one company, KHS&S can offer you maximum coordination and flexibility while ensuring the highest level of design consistency throughout...

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Nationally known for creating remarkable ceiling and wall finishes, KHS&S specialty scope services are great additions to your project. KHS&S’ commitment to quality starts with exceptional craftsmanship, a LEAN approach and dedication to service.

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