KHS&S has an award-winning portfolio that features some of the most time-sensitive, complex and highly detailed exterior projects in the industry.  Whether your project calls for specialty finishes, traditional metal stud framing and stucco or fast-tracked panel enclosure, we have the skill, experience and crews to perform the job efficiently and with exceptional quality. We are also one of the largest Dryvit installers in the country.


  • Design-Assist
  • Design-Build
  • Prefabrication
  • Preconstruction Services
  • Light Gauge Metal Stud Framing
  • Lath and Plaster
  • Stucco
  • GFRC
  • EIFS
  • Rainscreen Systems
  • Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels


  • BIM
  • Howick
  • Exterior Wall Systems
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Our Goal


Regardless of your project’s exterior type, our goal is to work with your building team to put your project on the road to success.

We will:

  • Clarify project needs and expectations
  • Identify and resolve constructability issues
  • Ensure design intent through identifying appropriate construction materials and processes
  • Offer value engineering to bring the highest value to the project
  • Expedite construction through development of complete and accurate working drawings and construction documents
  • Use BIM, as needed, to minimize building conflicts and guide fabrication as needed
  • Ensure artistic and building integrity


Exterior Spotlight

By “going against the grain” KHS&S was able to develop a realistic alternative for the timber exterior finish on Hawaiian Gardens Casino, California. Some of the quantifiable savings by using faux wood finishes, as opposed to wood slats, were realized in the construction cost. In addition to the schedule improvements, KHS&S was able to offer nearly one million dollars in savings. For the interior space, KHS&S was able to utilize PanelMax eliminating corner beads on the majority of soffits and wall corners. Repetitive soffits were prefabricated on the floor with jigs and hoisted into place reducing overhead work.

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