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We Are Solution Focused

We are a Leading Specialty Interior and Exterior Contractor and an Integral Part of Your Building Team

KHS&S is an international design-assist specialty building company that creates spectacular interiors, exteriors, prefabricated building components, themed environments, rockwork and specialty finishes for the most recognized projects in the world. Our preconstruction professionals can enter a project early in the design phase to ensure constructability, efficiency and value.

ENR has ranked KHS&S a top Specialty Wall & Ceiling Contractor for the past twenty years

We use prefabrication to deliver your project on time.

KHS&S evaluates and reviews each project to establish opportunities for prefabrication. We’re experienced using multiple types of prefab including exterior wall panels, repeat components, panelized rockwork, interior walls, load-bearing steel framing, corridor racks, medical headwalls and large-scale elements.

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We bridge the gap between design, construction and fabrication.

Using these services, KHS&S excels in delivering complex projects from the schematic design phase through construction. Our work is performed by an in-house, dedicated preconstruction department made up of architects, designers and draftsman, which allows us to continually refine our design-assist techniques and capabilities by offering a complete array of design-assist preconstruction services.

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We leverage technology in Construction Design.

Our Construction Design process generates project parameters that then informs our Data-rich 3D model development and provides trade specific knowledge and experience to aid the design team. Constructability review and design-assistance continue throughout the modeling and coordination process as additional conditions are identified and resolved in a collaborative setting.

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We have a team of valued art direction individuals that will exceed your expectations.

Archetype, a dedicated KHS&S art studio, allows for our clients to have the capacity to plan forward in any given situation. Providing samples, mock-ups, prototypes, reverse engineer, virtual model, physical model, props, special effects, etc.

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We maximize your project's value by streamlining the construction process and eliminating waste.

KHS&S has championed Lean for more than a decade. Every team member participates in Lean training encompassing pull planning, TVD, waste identification, resources scheduling and more.

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