Construction Design

Leveraging Technology in Construction Design

Our Construction Design process generates project parameters that then informs our Data-rich 3D model development and provides trade specific knowledge and experience to aid the design team. Constructability review and design-assistance continue throughout the modeling and coordination process as additional conditions are identified and resolved in a collaborative setting.

Computational Construction

We integrate computational construction tools early throughout the preconstruction process. This provides the project team with furthermore accuracy and parametric pricing models that contribute to an automated design and enhanced fabrication system.

Building Information Modeling

Our approach begins with an extensive project constructability review and Design Assist process, which provides trade specific knowledge and experience to aid the design team including Levels of Framing Detail.

In-House Construction Design Team

Our in-house Construction Design department leads the advancement of BIM alongside of all project teams. CD is inclusive of Architects, Engineers, Seasoned Construction Veterans and production Modelers & Drafters.

Field Connections

We encourage early involvement in the design process for complicated projects and also encourage front-line field supervisors be involved throughout all aspects of the design phase.


Leading the industry in Computational Construction and BIM requires continual evaluation and review of innovative solutions that streamline and enhance our current offerings.