Your Design Assist Partner

Our design-assist services typically bring us onto the project early in the design phase to collaborate with a project’s design and construction team. KHS&S then works with the project team to: Clarify project needs and expectations, Identify and resolve constructability issues, Ensure design intent through identifying appropriate construction materials and processes, Offer options that bring the highest value to the project, Expedite the construction process through development of complete and accurate working drawings and construction documents and Minimize delays and conflicts.

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KHS&S has a proactive preconstruction philosophy. We encourage early involvement and initiate a team approach to develop win-win solutions that maintain design intent, offer value added solutions, allow efficient delivery of our specific scopes of work, while benefiting the project as a whole. During the preconstruction process, KHS&S will streamline responsibilities and procedures to ensure a seamless transition from preconstruction to the construction phase.

During the preconstruction process, KHS&S completes a thorough review of plans and specifications. Importantly, this is completed by field supervision, project management, estimator and design personnel. Constructability issues are notated and distributed to the project team through the agreed upon method. KHS&S’ experience is that these constructability issues are brought up in coordination. Most important to KHS&S’ approach and methodology is coordination with the project team to develop options that meet the intent of the design and maintain the budget. To best manage this approach, KHS&S utilizes a Job Cost Study Log, the cost manager will lead this effort. We do this by breaking out the Job Cost Study Log into multiple factions such as: each venue, prefab options, VE ideas, schedule considerations and proposed details. This allows us to track all suggested alternative materials and methods proposed, whether accepted or not. In addition, the Job Cost Study Log tracks drawing changes from one phase to the next and also what ideas have been incorporated into the latest set of drawings. At the end of preconstruction, the Job Cost Study Log provides an illustration of where the project budget started, ended, and has reconciled.


KHS&S has been a Design Assist partner on more than 200 projects. These include some of the most complex construction projects in the world. Here are just a few

12 + Years of Design Assist Experience