Lean Construction


KHS&S project teams are committed to delivering better value and eliminating waste through actively participating in Lean Construction practices and Lean principles and philosophies (Coordination, Collaboration, Communication and Accountability). Every KHS&S team member participates in ongoing Lean training and is experienced in enhancing collaboration with other members of the building team. KHS&S is an active member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI).

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Broadly expanding LEAN

“KHS&S has championed Lean for more than a decade. They are among the leading specialty contractors leveraging Lean implementation to maximize project value and eliminate waste. Their Lean department and initiatives reflect the level of effort required to deploy Lean thinking and techniques effectively; their willingness to share with others is equally impressive, demonstrating their commitment to broadly expanding the use of Lean for the benefit of all project stakeholders.”

– Dan Heinemeier, Lean Construction Institute

  • Respect
  • Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Respect for every individual is at the core of KHS&S’ culture. This respect is shown through all project teams. An engaged and satisfied workforce produces superior results on all levels.

  • From fostering two-second improvements to identifying large scale prefabrication opportunities, our team is always focused on continuous improvement.

  • Our leadership empowers teams to do everything better. This encourages innovative thinking and creative solutions.

  • Listening to our customers and trade partners allows us to exceed expectations and increase value.

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Lean Tools

Our Lean culture is based on proven Lean processes, tools and procedures.


The starting point of KHS&S’ lean journey is the Last Planner System® (LPS). The Last Planner System is a production planning system designed to create predictable workflow and rapid learning. A platform for all major trades to get involved in planning and Lean sessions to create the most benefit for the project as a whole. KHS&S' field supervision and crews participate in pull planning sessions, weekly work plans, weekly work plan maps and progress maps with the General Contractor and affected MEPs to discuss sequencing, milestones, and safety.

Stand Up Meetings

Daily huddles at project sites to discuss what we accomplished yesterday, what are we doing today and what are we planning to do tomorrow.

Lean Stand-Up Boards

KHS&S utilizes Lean Stand-Up Boards (per each crew in the field) to illustrate weekly work plan maps and daily production goals. These boards are visible to the entire project team and are discussed daily at the stand-up meetings. This visual management tool acts as a scoreboard for all of our employees to see how we are performing as a project team.

Lean Certifications

A certification process that challenges the team to advance in their understanding and practice of Lean construction.

Waste Walks

Focused effort to identify areas/operations to add value by mitigating waste. These daily walks are performed by field supervision and are tracked to focus on the 8 types of waste. This helps us identify waste, safety and areas of quality.

Custom Equipment & Industry Improvements

Customized equipment such as chop saw tables, push boxes and buggies.