KHS&S can create and implement virtually any type of rockwork design including replicas of natural settings, whimsical fantasy environments, or historical reproductions. Our experienced team is the only one in the country backed by the services, expertise and resources of a national wall & ceiling / theme contractor. By providing all aspects of specialty construction within one company, KHS&S can offer you maximum coordination and flexibility while ensuring the highest level of design consistency throughout a project.


  • Natural and artificial rock work structures
  • Habitats
  • Streams and ponds
  • Caves and caverns
  • Waterfalls
  • Special effects, including lighting, audio systems, fog and pyrotechnics


  • Design-assist
  • BIM
  • Laser scanning
  • Proprietary wire-bending software
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Offering complete design-build services, KHS&S can work with an owner or architect’s concept or rough design to create a full-scale, finished project, or we can build environments designed by others. Our in-house staff performs nearly every aspect of the project, including mechanical, piping, pumping and filtration systems design; special effects and enhancements; choreography and synchronization; and complete feature construction and installation.

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Our Process

KHS&S has an array of options for building your rockwork projects. These range from hand carving to achieve one-of-a-kind designs to using BIM and other state-of-the-art technologies to produce large-scale rockwork panels through prefabrication.

Under either scenario, BIM helps provide project teams with the most accurate and complete information available.

  • Provides exact project dimensions and placement
  • Ensures accurate estimates of project costs
  • Eliminates confusion in the field
  • Allows resolution of building conflicts before moving on-site
  • Reduces expense of costly rework


The KHS&S Rockwork Panelization System is a high-tech solution to a time-consuming, labor-intensive building process. Using scanning and proprietary software, we create digital representations of original rockwork designs. Data is then manipulated and broken down into sections to create individual building panels, which are then fabricated to exact dimensions, labeled and sent to the job site to be installed. The result is precise and consistent replication of the original design.

  • Lowers costs and increases control
  • Reduces construction time
  • Reduces waste
  • Can be used for any organic shape
  • Uses just-in-time manufacturing
  • Fully documented and integrated quality control system
  • Controlled by digital data through all phases of the process for further accuracy
  • Allows data reusability for consistent construction among multiple projects
  • Uses clash detection to ensure accurate fabrication and installation

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