Outfield Extravaganza at Angels Stadium

Anaheim, CA


KHS&S consulted with the client, architect, project engineers and general contractor to create the outfield water feature and rockwork at the Angels baseball stadium in Anaheim, CA.

During the design phase, KHS&S constructed a study model at a scale of ½” = 1’0” depicting the stadium infrastructure, as well as the project’s rockwork formations. KHS&S also designed conceptual schematic drawings and details to establish the aesthetic requirements, technological specifications, dimensional and functional aspects specific to addressing engineering and the special effects of the water feature.

From a laser scanning of the scale model, KHS&S developed a set of digitized rockwork cage fabrication drawings, and computerized calculations were created to provide datum for the computerized bending of rebar shapes to achieve the most precise replication of the model in full scale.

KHS&S created more than 22,000 square feet of positive carved plaster and urethane backed artificial rock formations and constructed the mechanical systems designed to create a 100’ tall geyser, five 50’ tall geyser bursts and the main waterfall, which make up the “Extravaganza”.


rockwork, water features, positive carved plaster, artificial rock formations, laser scanning, digitized cage fabrication