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KHS&S is the nation’s most experienced theme contractor, completing more than 5.5 million square feet of thematic finishes. Representative projects include some of the nation’s most visible theme park attractions, casinos and retail/entertainment complexes, all recognized for quality and attention to detail.


  • Design-Assist
  • Preconstruction Services
  • In-House Engineering and Architectural Shop Drawings
  • Custom Doors and Windows
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Light Gauge Metal Stud Framing and Gypsum Wallboard
  • Character Signage
  • Rendered and Character Plaster
  • Sculpting and Ornamentation
  • Millwork and Casework
  • Faux Finishes, Paint and Aging
  • Brick and Stone


  • BIM
  • Laser Scanning
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KHS&S art, production and field teams are experts in delivering themed construction. We support project teams with qualified personnel to sign off on master models and first articles, in-house, or with the client. We monitor integral colors/textures and have great success setting up rigging and dry fitting elements to ensure precise field installation. We offer design modification as needed to ensure design intent, meet budget constraints and ensure installation accuracy. KHS&S continually evaluates new products and can assist in vendor sourcing, based on skillset and expertise. Since theming projects are very detailed, we have a system in place to track all parts of the project and monitor progress; ensuring a project is delivered on time and with exceptional authenticity.

Step 1 icon Industry Knowledge
Step 2 icon Value Engineering
Step 3 icon Themed Resources
Step 4 icon Vendor Management
Step 5 icon Art Direction
Step 6 icon Product Installation


Important to the Art Direction component of the project, will be the collaboration of ownership, architects/designers and KHS&S to identify design intent and ensure that it is achieved through an extensive mock-up and sample materials program. From this program, ownership and the architects/designers will govern the finished product and experience the products from design through first article.
  • Work with the ownership and architect / designers to assist in specialty finish selections
  • Work with the project team to select materials and products for a project
  • Initiate parts and finish design
  • Prepare finish samples and mock-ups, as required
  • Initiate submittal process
  • Obtain owner and architect approval of samples and submittals

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