Denver Museum of Nature & Science Education Center

Denver, CO


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science $43M expansion provided the museum with an additional 126,000 square feet of space to house the new Education & Collections Facility. As part of the museum’s strategic masterplan called, “Museum 20/20,” the three-story, five-level addition allows space for both exhibitions and new scientific research.

Above ground, the facility will house a new interactive children’s center, additional space for science programs, a flexible atrium space, a temporary exhibition gallery for travelling exhibitions, and “nature plaza.”

Below ground, the two levels of state-of-the art storage and preservation allow for the housing, study, and preservation of more than 1.4 million artifacts and specimen in the museum’s research collections.


  • Interior Framing / Drywall
  • Exterior Framing
  • Exterior Plaster
Denver Museum of Nature & Science Education Center exterior