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Las Vegas Office Update 23

It’s a wrap
Durango Culinary Health Medical Center, Las Vegas
Relying on the Howick and PanelMax machines, KHS&S completed interior framing, drywall and
painting at the health center dedicated to culinary participants. The project required advanced
technology mixed with traditional methods to assemble and erect panels onsite.

Madison Square Garden Sphere Exterior, Las Vegas
More of a sculpture than a wall, the trapezoidal exterior EIFS wall panels were prefabricated with
the Howick machine and installed at varying angles. With panels unsupported by a ground foundation,
installation varied from 15 to 30-degree angles to make flat EIFS panels form a curved spherical
shape at this new high-tech entertainment venue.

What’s next
Madison Square Garden Sphere Interior Paint, Las Vegas
As the largest painting contract for KHS&S, a crew of 40 painters are needed to complete the
$4.5M scope. Specially engineered scaffolding that hangs from the structure will be used to reach
difficult to access spaces within the sphere’s curved walls.

Standout project

Fontainebleau, Las Vegas
To manage labor resources and meet the fall 2023 completion date, the $100M+ project was broken
into multiple jobs.

Contribution to community
Under the KHS&S Project Ampersand community service initiative, 30 team members worked with
Rebuilding Together to repair, paint and landscape two homes for the eighth year in a row. Supporting
this organization helps low-income seniors and veterans in the Las Vegas area. The group
also completed interior repairs for the Inspiring Children Foundation, a non-profit that works with
at-risk youths.