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Lean Spotlight

Design-to-installation production simplifies construction

Three years ago, space at the Fabrication Facility in Anaheim was dedicated to Lean production innovation and prefabrication. Just with the Howick steel roll-forming machine alone, the facility is on target to deliver close to 460,000 linear feet this year. That is up from about 70,000 linear feet last year. During peak production periods, the facility triples employees to 14 team members.

The Howick and PanelMax machines are the shining stars of Production Innovation. The Howick customized roll form machine manufactures steel studs with punch holes for internal and external framed panels. The facility currently has 3 5/8” and 6” capabilities and Couch has recently purchased equipment for 4” capabilities to accommodate more capacity and new opportunities. The PanelMax is used to create custom drywall assemblies with complex shapes and corners in a precise prefabricated assembly.

Making an impact across all offices Natomas Crossing – This large tenant improvement project in the Sacramento area encompasses more than 23,000 linear feet of partial height partitions. Natomas is the largest job to date from the Production Innovation Facility.

Wynn Convention Center – Las Vegas field operations had their first introduction to the Howick while assembling and installing 12,000 square feet of prefabricated ceiling and soffit panels. The field team and management staff received a solid understanding of how the Howick system works from inception to completion so future jobs will benefit from the knowledge gained.

Muckleshoot Casino – The Seattle operations team will have their first experience with Production Innovation while installing roughly 9,000 square feet of complex soffit and ceiling assemblies at this impressive project in Auburn, Wash.

A new, more efficient inventory system
Michael Villar and Raul Zamarron have collaborated to create an inventory system that catalogs every KHS&S tool and tracks the job site where the tool is located in the Anaheim area. When the field needs a specific tool, they can easily check the inventory for availability or what individual job site has the item. This is an enormous time saver in the search for tools and the precise knowledge of inventory keeps KHS&S from purchasing unnecessary new equipment.