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NCA 2020 Safest Subcontractor of the Year

Safety is a core value at KHS&S Contractors, as demonstrated by consistent
risk innovation, comprehensive training available to all employees, leadership support, and the role modeling of all safety policies and procedures every day by each employee.

KHS&S is committed to providing safety and health-related orientation and training for employees at all levels within the organization. The company maintains and supports a program to educate and familiarize employees with safety and health procedures, rules and safe-work practices. Training resources have been developed using company analytical data, industry-leading criteria and site-specific information.

Its safety system is built around three main concepts: management support,
training and education, and involvement. KHS&S recognizes the strong
correlation between these focal areasand sa fety performance. This holistic
approach to safety requires the participation of senior management, field and project leadership, and line employees. An example of safety protocol in action occurred during the Wynn Convention Expansion project, a sprawling facility where KHS&S was challenged to provide a safe work environment for 350 employees. While management was present at various locations on-site, additional support was provided when the task
was unique, the placement of work added additional risk and/or fatigue was a recognized hazard for the crew.

As a result of the team’s efforts, KHS&S had one of the lowest safety rates on the project. Each of KHS&S’ operations share the same pledge to a safe work environment, resulting in reduced accidents and incident frequency—and lower insurance premiums. These reduced premiums allow the company to save capital and invest back into its employees’ futures. To KHS&S, safety culture is more than just a number; its safety program improves innovation, productivity and morale.

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