Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Las Vegas, NV

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health consisted of two major components. One was the two medical buildings tied together with a metal canopy. The other was the Activity Center, which was quite the engineering feet. The Activity Center consisted of multi-compound radiuses and a steel structure with stainless steel metal cladding and a light gauge interior structure with drywall and acoustical plaster. The steel structure was engineered In Germany and fabricated in Japan then shipped to the United States. There were multiple issues with the interior structure. The steel structure was not part of KHS&S’ original scope of work; however, KHS&S jumped in and provided a complete light gauge interior sub straight for the interior drywall to attach.

The interior of the Activity Center consisted of drywall and acoustical plaster. Due to the multiple compound radiuses, installing the acoustical plaster was a very challenging process and required KHS&S to provide a 100-foot tall dance floor scaffold to access our work.


Engineered shop drawings, fireproofing, firesafing and firestopping, light gauge framing for interior and exterior structure, finish acoustical plaster (BASWAphon), exterior plaster, vapor barrier, interior and exterior caulking, interior and exterior paint, MRI shield systems, access flooring systems, acoustical lay-in ceilings, FRP, roofing, decorative column covers