Working in an area so windy it houses more than 4,500 electricity-producing wind turbines, KHS&S craftsmen flew panels night and day, taking advantage of any period of relative calm to complete the exterior skin for this 27-story hotel tower owned by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians.

Ranging up to 12 feet wide and 20 feet high, the resort’s 963 EIFS panels were engineering by KHS&S, and the manufactured on-site by KHS&S craftsmen. A KHS&S-engineered elliptical-shaped curtain wall caps off the tower, creating a signature topping for the dramatic building. A sand-fine finish completes the exterior.

An example of KHS&S’ comprehensive services, KHS&S craftsmen also completed the interiors for the resort’s 413,000-square-foot low-rise casino and created the expertly choreographed water feature that provides a stunning entrance to the $250-million resort.


  • Interior framing and drywall,
  • Prefabricated EIFS exterior panels
  • Interior and exterior water features