UCLA Film Archive & Preservation Center


The UCLA Film Archive and Preservation Center is a $150 million multimedia preservation and restoration facility funded by the Packard Humanities Institute. Work at the facility will include restoring, preserving and digitizing large collections of film, television and audio media owned by both the Packard Institute and the UCLA archive.

This project involved extremely technical framing conditions. The interior design is inspired by the Florentine monastery of San Marco and used Mediterranean styling throughout with terracotta roof tiles, light-colored Italian limestone columns and walls, terracotta floors and plaster walls requiring the framing and substrates to sync in engineering, radius and level of finish.

To create the unique plaster finish,  KHS&S utilized rare raw materials that were literally created offsite in a barn and was able to create a one of a kind finish throughout the entire project. With the local vendor supplying the plaster, the team recognized that the material was the constraint of the project and ensured lead times were met by understanding application and coverage of the product. The plaster system was a first for this team so we took it upon ourselves to mock-up conditions above contractual requirements to perfect our application which was extremely helpful with the production and finish of the plaster system.


  • Interior framing and drywall
  • Exterior framing
  • Interior plaster
  • Acoustical plaster
  • Painting of the acoustical plaster


  • Pinnacle Award of Merit – Commercial Exterior(2014)
  • Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (Interior institutional – Schools) (2014)