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KHS&S Announces the Launch of Spek – Offsite Construction Solutions

Innovative Volumetric Prefabrication through Design-Assist & Manufacturing

LAS VEGAS, November 2, 2022 — KHS&S, an industry leader in producing exterior finished wall panels, façades, interior framed walls, specialties, and themed construction, continues to pioneer prefabrication and offsite construction solutions. Now providing, Prefabricated Bathrooms Units (PBUs), Prefabricated Kitchen Units (PKUs), and prefabricated façades as Spek. KHS&S launches Spek at the Design-Build Conference & Expo (DBIA), Booth #654 in Las Vegas.

“Spek is a natural extension of the KHS&S brand. We’re excited to be back in the prefabricated bathroom and kitchen business while adding our prefabricated façade solutions to the brand,” said Bruce Holleran, Vice President, KHS&S. “Inquiries and increased interest from clients, general contractors and architects around PBUs and PKUs prompted us to launch Spek, which is positioned for success, because of our extensive history and experience.”

Industries geared toward volumetric prefabrication include healthcare, student housing, multi-family residential, education and hospitality, where projects require more than 100 repeatable PBUs or PKUs and are sized for trucking transport. For exterior prefabricated façades, feasibility is based on the number of building stories, finishes and integration of scope possibilities.

Optimal locations are metropolitan areas or remote areas. Busy city centers have limited laydown areas for onsite work, while rural areas may have difficulties securing materials, machinery, and a skilled workforce. Offsite construction solutions, eliminates these problematic areas that raise cost and increase timelines.

Design-Assist services coupled with Digital Fabrication is at the core of offsite construction. Digital Fabrication, the process where manufacturing is driven by technology, uses exact computer-generated measurements. This service allows clients to visualize their final Spek solution in an accurate 3D model prior to production. Once the drawings have been modeled and approved, output files are submitted to the Spek Fabrication Facility to construct.

“Whether designing PBUs, PKUs or prefabricated façades, collaboration in the Preconstruction phase is the driving force behind reducing costs, accelerating the schedule and improving constructability,” said Holleran. “Value analysis early in the process is important in driving long-term success.”

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., the Spek Fabrication Facility has the space and technology for mass production. More than 27 union associates work at the facility prefabricating all components of PBUs, PKUs, and prefabricated façades, including framing, drywall, tile, finishes and key MEP point of connection elements.

About Spek

Spek, an extension of the KHS&S brand, brings innovative prefabrication and manufacturing solutions to the construction industry. Providing the freedom to design and prefabricate volumetric units such as bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior facades in a controlled manufacturing environment. To learn more about Spek by KHS&S and its award-winning projects, please visit