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KHS&S Celebrates 25 Years

A 25-year tradition of innovation and excellence

So many truly visionary companies of our time started in a garage. Google. Amazon. The Walt Disney Co. KHS&S.

It was 25 years ago that founder Dave Suder began working out of his father’s garage to create a company that would be different. He was soon joined by Phil Cherne and Jeff Miller to catapult the business. His visionary philosophy still inspires the employee-owned business today, as it has grown
into what is now a 1,200-person multi-state corporation.

Amid continuous innovation and strategic expansions during the past quarter century, KHS&S steadfastly embraces the value of hard work, an owner’s mindset, and delivers solutions to some of the most inventive and complex projects imaginable.

That spirit has fueled a culture of innovation, collaboration, and a business philosophy that believes absolutely nothing is impossible. Read More