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Northern California Office Update 23

It’s a wrap
1629 Market Street, San Francisco
During the planning stage, the owner requested options to reduce cost without compromising the
quality and look of the five-structure mixed-use development. KHS&S delivered by substituting the
Hardie board and battens with a pre-coated EIFS and batten system. This saved the project approximately
$1M resulting in a more attractive and functional finish.

Southeast Community Center, San Francisco
Innovative technology was key to the success for the 39,000 square foot center and 8,000 square
foot events building. The Dusty Robotics layout system was used for the first time with the Computational
Design team providing BIM modeling to build a program for the robot to follow. The Apla-Tech
tool automated drywall taping and the trusted PanelMax machine produced non-rated corners and
shapes. Complicated soffits were prefabricated and finished on the floor and then fit into place to
eliminate multiple steps working off a scissor lift.

Something to celebrate
Recognized as a KHS&S Lean Champion for his exceptional field work implementing Lean processes
and Lean values, Foremen Richard Quinonez was selected to present at the 2022 LCI Congress in
New Orleans.

What’s next
Coresite SV09, Santa Clara
This will be the first unitized panel project using 3-inch interlocking and insulated metal panels that
create a weather barrier while providing the finished exterior skin. The 256 panels will be prefabricated
and craned into place covering 70,000 square feet of surface area.

Contribution to community
Working closely with the City of San Francisco, construction of the non-profit Southeast Community
Center brought jobs to an economically disadvantaged community. Five percent of the KHS&S work
was subcontracted to local businesses. In addition, the local workforce completed 39 percent of the
drywall hours and 31 percent of taper hours.