Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center

Carson City, NV

Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center

This 3-story, 345,000 square foot hospital has 134 private rooms, 6 semi-private rooms, 16 critical care beds, 27 surgical beds, 8 cardiovascular beds and 8 operating rooms.

The first floor of the hospital includes support and administrative services as well as conference rooms. The main lobby is the length of two football fields, and the emergency room is three times larger than the facility which this medical center replaced.

The second floor houses the intensive care unit and patient rooms. More patient rooms are located on the third floor, along with the women’s and pediatrics units. The building is situated to provide views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, maximizing the natural daylight exposure


  • Interior/exterior framing
  • Drywall/sheathing
  • EIFS
  • Fireproofing
  • GFRG column covers