The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino project was originally budgeted at $2 billion dollars (KHS&S Scope approximately $75,300,000) when KHS&S started on the project. In the second quarter of 2008, the project went into foreclosure. The project was close to 40% framed, 25% drywalled, and nearly all of the GFRG was fabricated.

In November of 2008, KHS&S was issued the first re-design drawings with a one-week deadline to have our rough order of magnitude turned in for the entire phase 1 package which included the traditional and theming scope.

The redesign of the Cosmopolitan did, however, create an opportunity for KHS&S to nearly double the contract value to approximately $146,000,000 and even with the construction delays and design changes KHS&S was still able to deliver the project on time and within budget.


Interior framing and drywall, exterior Framing and EIFS on the Podium, exterior framing and EIFS on the Recreation Deck and the East and West Towers, special finishes, faux wood, Venetian plaster, GFRG crown profiles, ornamental metals, water features in the Podium, video columns in the Podium, ACT, insulation, fire caulking, and glass and metal ceiling in the meeting rooms.