The Source is a mixed-use development in Buena Park. At nearly half a million square feet, phase one of the project spans over 12 acres of land near the city’s “Entertainment Zone,” about a half-mile from the area’s most famous attraction, Knott’s Berry Farm.

The project is anchored by a seven-story office building, which overlooks a three-story outdoor mall. The Source is made up of nine buildings in total, including an entertainment center with media walls, glass elevators, and water features. When fully built-out, all phases of the mixed-use project will total over 800,000 square feet.

Having a distinct, modern design, achieved through exterior framing of straight lines, sharp angles and a multitude of exterior finish colors, The Source features retail-lined streetscapes and European-style dining patios.

KHS&S was contracted by the project team to provide preconstruction services and to complete the exterior framing, sheathing, EIFS and insulation.

During preconstruction, KHS&S worked with the project architect to help build the design off of a concept elevation. Months were spent figuring out how to design/build an EIFs exterior system in while maintaining the original structural design. This required intense coordination with our structural engineer, as well as the glazing contractor to produce a design that would perform structurally and seismically for both the new skin support and its interactions with the numerous glazing types. In the end, this was accomplished without any changes to the structural design of the building which was originally designed to support a curtain wall glazing only.

In total KHS&S completed 28 different exterior color variations including black, maroon, blue, red and yellow. These color variations were completed in various textures from smooth to sand finishes.

The EIFS on the project was particularly challenging at The Source since 80% of the project is a synthetic smooth finish with dark color variations ranging from black, maroon to dark blue. KHS&S was on-site at the project for 18 months, which also posed a challenge when it came to the exterior texture and finish since the weather conditions ranged from extreme cold temperatures to extreme heat.

Adding to the complexity of the EIFS was the west wall of the project which features the “Polygon Wall”. This wall is an intricate pattern of EIFS overlying both glass and solid structure. KHS&S worked with the client, vendors, and our internal operations in developing various iterations of the design and methods of construction. Once all parties were in agreement, KHS&S produced dimensioned construction drawings, as well as full-size prints of each piece to verify the product and to assist in placing parts on the wall.


  • Exterior Framing and Sheathing
  • EIFS
  • Plaster
  • Division 10 Items


  • Walter F Pruter Award Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (2015)