Learning & Development

Learn and Grow With KHS&S

KHS&S is proud to invest in a team specifically devoted to serving the Learning & Development needs of our employees and teams.

Learning is change and change requires a long-term commitment. We want to build our team with people who see the long-term benefits of learning and growth, while actively seeking out opportunities for continuous improvement!

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At KHS&S, we believe that learning can happen whenever an employee takes ownership of their own growth and development – during formal training, experiential learning with intentional processing and meaningful interactions between team members.

The Learning & Development professionals at KHS&S strive to support our team in all learning environments by developing relevant, timely and creative training experiences. Our goal is to provide training in technical and leadership skills that employees can immediately utilize in their roles.

  • Onboarding Essentials
  • Corporate Learning
  • Every employee who joins our team gets to take part in our 3-day Onboarding Course, “KHS&S Essentials”. 

    Each day is designed to welcome you to the team by introducing you to your fellow employee owners and their teams!

    Day 1:  Onboarding Essentials – Learn the basics of your employee status (benefits, payroll, ESOP) and your Essentials Course facilitators.

    Day 2:  Cultural Essentials – Learn how our purpose, values and culture create success at KHS&S, as well as determining your role in sustaining our culture.

    Day 3:  Business Essentials – Learn how our business works and how your job function plays an integral part in our profitability.

    After your first 3 days, you will join your team and begin training to excel in your specific function!


  • As an employee-owned company, we want to invest responsibly in learning experiences for our entire corporate team. 

    The Learning & Development Team works closely with executive leadership, manager groups and individual employees to understand which learning topics will provide the most value.

    Corporate Learning Courses reflect our company’s core values, lean values and core purpose – past offerings include:  “Servant Leadership @ KHS&S” and “Fierce Conversations & Feedback”.

    Corporate-wide training topics are assessed annually and offered to all Corporate employees.